The 33rd Packaging Jamboree, hosted by The School of Packaging, was held at Michigan State University from April 5~7, 2018. The Packaging Jamboree is an annual conference that circulates between universities with Packaging programs. This is a student-led event filled with educational, networking, and professional development opportunities for students and industry professionals. This year’s theme is Innovation in the Packaging Industry. As an innovation driven company, Labthink sponsored the Jamboree.

Craig Primiani, Executive Vice President of Labthink International and Regional Sales Manager Ray Velazquez, were invited to the conference. By networking with key leaders in the packaging industry, Craig and Ray learnt more about best practices in the packaging space. They were impressed by the students’ professionalism as well as a sense of urgency for improving packaging sustainability on a global scale.

Through the Packaging Jamboree, Labthink gained valuable insight into the direction of packaging industry, and is ready to take on more responsibility for the development of packaging industry.